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Mankind's Oldest Dream:

* We also offer CUSTOM GUIDING (trekking; biking; cultural) in countries (Slovenia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Patagonia) where I can honestly guarantee the MOST WHOLESOME EXPERIENCE you'll ever dream of.

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All operations under the direct supervision of Nicolas Cauchy, Advanced and Tandem Instructor of the USHGA, Lilienthal Safe Pilot Award, flying since 1993 with over 1000 consecutive safe flights. USHGA ratings are recognized under the international FAI.
Who amongst us has not dreamt of flying as free as a bird, smoothly gliding in a quiet breeze, lazily meandering through air currents the way hawks and seagulls do?
sorry, the photo of Mariner soaring the Truro dunes took off...
Leo's glider catching the sunrays above the dark beach... is missing

Coupe Icare, France

Custom tours throughout Europe and N/S America

  • NATIVE guides
  • full cultural immersion guaranteed
  • custom-tailored guidance to all pilot levels
  • non-pilot guests are guaranteed to have an equally wonderful experience!

Rio de Janeiro (crescent of Ipanema beach on left)

A bird's view of Derwent Bay, Tasmania


I now specialize in custom tours: tell me your timeframe, your budget, and some of your dreams, and I'll propose you 2 or 3 GUARANTEED ORIGINAL tours!

Examples: BIKE and WINE tour of Collio wine-producers (Northeast Italy & Slovenia). Coupe ICARE & TREKKING in the Alps (world-famous Costumed paragliding festival + excursions to Annecy & Chamonix). Sail and ski excursions in Norwegian fjords.


Curiosities of free-flight: a large buzzard soars the wake from Roberto Mandler's glider (Dolomites, 2004)
Photo R. Mandler, Trieste


What's the difference between paragliding and hangliding?
WHO can do it? Is it SAFE? How long does a flight last? How long is a course? What are the COSTS?

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...and PLEASE

***Keep the FREE in all Free-flight activities!***

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